High Voltage Audio A.S. is run by Nick Terry from Oslo, Norway.

Nick’s involvement with Thermionic Culture Ltd. began before the company was created when
Vic Keary took Nick on as a young engineer at his Chiswick Reach studios in 1993.
Nick’s valve distortion project evolved into the Culture Vulture, which was one of the first products that Thermionic Culture Ltd. was launched with.

The decision to form Thermionic Culture Ltd. was an obvious one due to Vic Keary’s legendary status as “The valve man” in the UK studio scene and further afield. The first products were The Phoenix and The Culture Vulture shortly followed by The Earlybird and these helped to pave the way to a full set of uniquely designed and oriented products. The philosophy of keeping to the valve audio path and using valves in the way that they work best to make equipment that does what is most needed was set in motion.

Since that time Nick has also followed a career as a producer/recording engineer/mixer/mastering engineer and now runs his own mixing/mastering studio located in Oslo, Norway. His studio is needless to say full of Thermionic Culture units.


Nick started High Voltage Audio A.S in order to distribute Thermionic Culture equipment in Norway. He feels that being a part of the design process and a user of the equipment at a professional level gives him a full insight into how the equipment could benefit other musicians, producers, engineers, mixers and mastering engineers. His high regard of the equipment as second to none helps to make this an honest and enjoyable process.

A dependable knowledge and facility for repair, maintenance and servicing issues is supplied to customers with their purchases. This should help customers to feel comfortable that their equipment will continue to sound excellent for it’s lifetime.