The Culture Vulture Super 15


36,600- Kr   inkl MVA

  • Even more distortion effects including 3 SQ (“squash”) settings.
  • 5 musically tuned sharp dynamic mid lift PQ settings.
  • Bias control is more useful than ever before for distortion type and PQ mid lift.
  • Extra mid way +10dB setting on Drive switch, before Overdrive (+20dB).
  • Broad Presence control on + 10 dB position.
  • -10dB attenuator enables comparison between the above, or useful to control high levels.
  • Extra Output level to easily drive DAWs.
  • Transformer balanced line input, unbalanced high impedance DI input.
  • Unbalanced Hi & Lo outputs for greater transparency.
  • Line inputs and outputs now on XLRs.
  • Low pass filter to remove unwanted HF harmonic products.
  • Extra low noise. Long life, selected NOS valves, carefully matched for stereo.
  • Bypass switches connect Line In direct to Hi output avoiding all electronics.
  • Hand made in England.

Culture Vulture Super 15 – Doctor mix video review