The Fat Bustard II


61,500- Kr  inkl MVA

(68,950- Kr Transformer balaced output option  )

All valve 14 channel passive summing mixer with many extras !

  • 10 stereo input channels.
  • 4 mono channels with Pan control.
  • Unique Varislope Top and Bass lift EQ plus HPF and LPF filters.
  • Attitude control to add saturation and harmonics.
  • Stereo width controls / Bass to centre and full mono.
  • Precision ELMA switch to control main level (fadeable).
  • Monitor outputs with level control and switching.
  • Hand wired with point to point wiring throughout.
  • Exceptional sound quality, very low distortion except when required and massive headroom.
  • Frequency response extends from below audio range to well above.
  • Hand made in England


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