The Kite


32,570 Kr – inkl MVA

The Kite   –  New stereo bus EQ with Attitude.

The Kite is a stereo EQ with Attitude control designed to give flexible, musical EQ across a stereo bus with control over the harmonic distortion and saturation of the signal. The unique EQ curves and frequency points are designed to operate in the areas most needed when working on a stereo bus, making it possible to enhance or correct a stereo bus intuitively in a musically satisfying way. The unique Attitude control allows for precise, subtly warm, natural sound or can progressively introduce valve saturation and harmonics for extra warmth, dirt and dynamic limiting. All with extremely low noise.

Useful points are:

  • All controls are stereo except o/p trim and are indented for easy stereo operation and recall;
  • HPF (High Pass Filter) operates at 20 & 40Hz with a 12dB/octave curve;
  • Bass boost and Bass cut both have 2 selectable operating frequencies,
    which can be used together for a variable Mid Cut effect;
  • Top shelf  is a broad mid/top Lift, a little like a presence control. Also has 2 frequencies.
  • Air boosts the higher top with a unique curve for a beautiful opening up of the stereo mix.
  • Attitude is our own switch that adds those special 2nd harmonics only possible with valves! ;
  • Output trim – Separate controls to adjust finely the 2 channels, also -6dB switches for high Attitude use;
  • XLR connectors, “semi floating” inputs and unbalanced outputs are employed;
  • A transformer balanced version is available to order on request.


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