The Purple Bustard

PBfrontPanel cropped

25 500,- Kr


All valve 16 input summing mixer.

  • Each pair of inputs has its own on/off switch.
  • Inputs 13 to 16 can be switched to centre.
  • Attitude control adds musical 2nd order harmonics.
  • Air control increases high top end with no harshness.
  • Frequency response extends well above and below audio range.
  • Easily enough output to drive your DAW and very low noise.
  • All inputs are “semi-floating” on XLRs.
  • Outputs are unbalanced for transparency of sound. (A separate Balancing Box is an optional extra).
  • Shares the same natural warmth as the Fat Bustard.
  • Extremely low distortion (< 0.1%) before Attitude is added.
  • Hand made in England



Current version now updated from Little Red Bustard to Purple Bustard

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