The Phoenix HG15


20 500,- Kr

  • High Gain Mic Amp/Compressor/EQ with super-natural valve sound.
  • Based on Phoenix design with 52 dB gain available.
  • Fully Balanced circuit with XLR in/out connectors.
  • +48v Phantom power available.
  • Threshold control has 7 way switch with Compressor Out position.
  • Time Constant switch has 6 combinations of Attack & Release.
  • Side Chain Bass Cut.
  • Presence EQ and Air EQ switches, to boost mid and high top, with EQ In/Out switch.
  • High pass filter
  • 2 valves, 6AQ8EH input and 12AT7/ECC81 output.
  • Solid State side chain!
  • Link socket to connect 2 HGs for stereo buss operation, etc.
  • Hand made in England.


The Phoenix HG15 – Future music review

The Phoenix HG15 – Music Tech review