The Phoenix Mastering Plus

Phoenix Mastering plus

59 750,- Kr inkl.MVA

  • All valve signal path and side chain, point to point hand wired.
  • Subtle control with ‘soft knee’ compression more compression effects when pushed hard.
  • Stereo link for mix buss compression.
  • 2 Side chain HPF settings to enable frequency selectable compression.
  • Flat frequency response over full audio range and beyond.
  • Very low phase shift and harmonic distortion (unless pushed hard).
  • Push-pull design gives a natural warm sound with high output level.
  • Output trim controls for fine adjustment or lower level operation.
  • Balanced ins and outs with custom made Sowter transformers.
  • Bypass switch on each channel removes all electronics.
  • Hand made in England

Mastering Plus features

  • Elma switches for gain and threshold controls.
  • Alpha switches for attack and release controls.
  • All Mullard and Siemens NOS valves.
  • Easy recall-ability.
  • Zero adjustment on front.
  • Precise calibration.
  • Now with more gain than earlier Master Phoenix.
  • Standby switch to prolong valve life.
  • Distortion effects can now be created by using with standby on.


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