The Swift


37 200,- Kr inkl.MVA

The Swift is the finest stereo valve equaliser we’ve ever used, bar none
– John Pickford, MusicTech Magazine
  • All-valve signal path using NOS and new production valves.
  • Combines features of the best classic USA and UK equalisers with unique Thermionic magic.
  • Quick and easy to operate.
  • Shelving Bass and Treble lift /cut Controls at 2 frequencies each.
  • Mid Cut and Mid Lift at 4 Frequencies each with Three ‘Q’ combinations.
  • Our own unique Presence and Air Controls.
  • A Switchable High Pass Filter with a special last position which used in conjunction with the Bass lift can be a very interesting combination.
  • Adjustable input gain in .75 dB steps.
  • Frequency response from below to well above human hearing with miniscule phase shift.
  • Virtually no distortion unless driven beyond DAW capability and practically noiseless.
  • Typical Thermionic Culture warm, natural sound.
  • Equally superb as mix buss eq and for individual instruments/tracks.
  • Lovingly hand-made and tested in England.


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